1. mr Majid Karrouch, stylist, at the VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out afterparty at the Rijksmuseum.

    GrR RVDA.

  2. Affligem x Photography x RVDA

    Reinier van der Aart, here lensed by miss Emanuelle Vos, spoke at UNSEEN Photography Fair in front of 6 of his photos; male icons of the art world. Damien Hirst, Anselm Kiefer, Gilbert and George, Daan Roosegaarde, Sieb Posthuma and Anton Corbijn. some real classic black and white photos others less classic since build in 2, 3 of even as much as 70 layers.

    Reinier, RVDA, is head of the Arts & Crafts chapter of the Affligem Society and thanks Affligem Beer for this opportunity and thanks Roderick van der Lee, co-founder Unseen, and Maurice Seleky, writer, for their kind words about Reinier and his work that night. and last but defenitely not least many many thanks to Pup Creative Agency for producing the exhibition and the parties!

    GrR RVDA.

  3. snapshot, lensed at VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out, for VOGUE.

    GrR RVDA

  4. Marianne Faithfull and Marlene Dumas.. all hail the power and the talent that these women exuberate.
    it is mind-boggling.

    lensed at the private view of the beautiful, and quite overwehelming, Marlene Dumas show at the Stedelijk Museum where Marianne Faithfull sang Broken English which is also the title of the work, a portrait of Marianne Faithfull, Marlene Dumas donated to the Stedelijk collection.

    now that’s a night to remember.

    GrR RVDA.

  5. VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out

    miss Milou Sluis at the afterparty at the Rijksmuseum

    GrR RVDA

  6. Marianne Faithfull


    lensed at the Stedelijk Museum during the Marlene Dumas private view

    GrR RVDA.

  7. very, very proud to have a photo of mine in the Donald Duck!

    the über-famous fashion designer JAN TRUIENMOUW (his birthname; JAN TAMINIAU, is only known to intimi) asked if he could use the portrait I took of him to accompany his adventure with DONALD DUCK and the ever so lovely VERA FRAAISNAVEL. Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli and even Viktor&Rolf could not resist participating in this honourable tale on fashion.. thanks to mr WALT DISNEY for having us.

    here’s a snippet..

    GrR RVDA.

  8. for those in the know.. this is a special story. 23 years.

    fltr: Godfried, Karen, Bastiaan, Joris, Baldwin, Edo, Auke.


    GrR RVDA.

  9. one guard, one mr Rem Koolhaas and one miss Petra Blaisse makes for a quite interesting composition.
    lensed at the Stedelijk museum during the Mike Kelley private view.

    GrR RVDA.

  10. for VOGUE.

    high Dutch photography culture.. frtl: Rineke Dijkstra, Marloes Krijnen (founding director FOAM) and Erwin Olaf.

    www.guggenheim.org/new-york/exhibitions/past/exhibit/4424 (Rineke Dijkstra retrospective)

    GrR RVDA.

  11. mr Laone Severo dos Santos Brasil Lopes lensed at the TEFAF private view.

    mr Laone Santos Brasil is a Brazilian and Belgian Artist, member of IPBCA (international platform of Brazilian contemporary art, Brussels)

    GrR RVDA.


    the MIKE KELLY performance, again choreographed, as in 1989, by ANITA PACE, was shown to an international audience on 14/12/2012 at the MIKE KELLEY private view at the STEDELIJK MUSEUM, Amsterdam (MIKE KELLEY 15/12/2012 - 01/04/2013). on this photo EILIT MAROM and EVELYNE ROSSIE who performed  together with MIGUEL DO VALE and NIELS WEIJER.

    for more information on the performance or on the exhibition in general see www.STEDELIJK.nl.

    GrR RVDA. 

  13. Karmaloog for VOGUE Italia.

    miss Doroftei Madalina lensed at the ANdAZ Amsterdam hotel.

    styling: Graziella Ferraro
    hair and make-up: Antoine Cuppen
    production: Manuel Ivan Maria Perrotta, Amsterdam Fashion TV

    GrR RVDA.

  14. INK

    Sieb Posthuma 1960 - 2014.

    by Reinier RVDA.

  15. a head full of INK.

    my dear dear Sieb.. you were so happy, so cheerful, so sweet, so kind..
    even when we talked Art, that not everything in your head was the colourful illustration the world knows you for.. even then your eyes sparkled. with life. when I asked if I could try to put that darkness in a photo work you jumped with joy.. I did not grasp that that darkness was this black. sorry.
    I hope it is a bit lighter now.

    do know that I, that we, will only remember your radiating face.. your warmth and your friendship.

    my love to all concerned, my love to Ton..

    a head full of INK. Sieb Posthuma 1960-2014.

    cibachrome colour photo.

    GrR RVDA.