1. the painter mr JUAN CARLOS STEKELMAN (Buenos Aires 1936) was in town.

    from now till september an overview of mr STEKELMAN’s early works (1965-1975) can be seen at huize Frankendael, Amsterdam. the exhibition was curated by mrs MARIA HELENE KUBLIN in cooperation with British collectors mr STUART EVANS and mr JOHN DANIEL EVANS, by now patrons of the artist.

    the works shown are from public and private collections and work owned by the artist.

    for more on the artist: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juan_Carlos_Stekelman

    for more on mr & mr EVANS: www.lodeveanscollection.com

    for more on Huize Frankendael: www.FrankendaelFoundation.com

    shot with Fuji Xpro-1. GrReinier RVDA.